Saturday, October 27, 2012

Also, AAA Presentation

I'll also be presenting at the American Anthropological Association again this year - this time on the topic of my thesis (and soon to be article) and other insights since then.

Here are the details: (and I hope to see you there!)

Crossing into Multispecies Ethnography: Transgressing Borders Between Anthropology and Nonhuman Others Through Theory and Fieldwork 
Sunday, November 18, 2012: 12:15 PM-2:00 PM
Tamar V Scoggin McKee (University of British Columbia, University of British Columbia and University of British Columbia)  
Tamar V Scoggin McKee (University of British Columbia, University of British Columbia, University of British Columbia and University of British Columbia)  
Discussants: Maria Elena Garcia (University of Washington)  
12:15 PM Discussion  
12:30 PM And Say the Cat Responded? Moving Closer to the Feline Gaze Kara White (Brown University and University of Chicago)  
12:45 PM 'sheep Eat Men': Humanized Animals, Woolen Fiber Production, and Multispecies Ethnography On the South American Pampas Annika Capelan (Lund University)  
1:00 PM Animals, Persons, Gods: Kaleidoscopic Ontologies In a Multispecies Total Institution Piers Edward George Locke (University of Canterbury)  
1:15 PM A History of the Semi-Wild: Orangutans, Land Control, and the Making of the Rainforest Borderlands In North Sumatra, Indonesia Joe Klein (Beloit College)  
1:30 PM Co-Cultivated Seascape: Linking Cultured Herring, Inshore Fishers, and Protected Harbor Seals Through Multispecies Ethnography Shingo Hamada (Indiana University)  
1:45 PM Discussant Maria Elena Garcia (University of Washington)

First Prize Winner of the ASI-WAS Undergraduate Paper Prize in Human-Animal Studies!

After finishing my honors thesis at Brown University, I spent the larger part of last summer editing my paper. Because of the overly ambitious project I started, I wasn't able to resolve all of the issues I realized over the course of writing my thesis. After addressing these issues, then cutting it down, I submitted my paper to the first annual paper prize offered by the Animals & Society Institute last August.

I found out last month that my paper won the first prize!

Here is a link to the announcement as well as a short bio and my abstract.

My paper will be published in the next issue of the journal Society & Animals.

I will post a link to my article as soon as it's available! It's my first academic publication and I'm very excited to have won this award.

I'm also very eager to continue this line of study in my MA program at the University of Chicago. Midterms begin in less than two days and as soon as I go through the IRB process, I'll be starting fieldwork at a local cat shelter. Stay tuned!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Cat Video Film Festival

How did I not know about an Internet Cat Video Festival?

Yes, they played some of the cat videos we know and love and gave awards.

This wonderful video won the "Golden Kitty":

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Blog Design

I've never been happy with the blog design as it used to be, and I've been tempted to switch over to wordpress because all of the blogs just seem to look better (probably due to better templates - or because wordpress exudes a modernist aesthetic I enjoy). So I decided to mess around this one a bit, and if you are reading this right around the publish date of this post, then you probably see part of an elephant's face.

Since my current research is centering around animals (and their connections and relationships with my own species), an elephant seemed appropriate. I didn't see any pictures of cats in the blogger background image arsenal, but that's probably for the best; I don't need more help in kindling my image as a crazy cat lady. I have one professor sending me cat videos to cheer me up from getting rejected from JET, and another asking me for advice on the behavior of her cat. Not to mention whenever I tell people about my current research, all they seem to remember is that I'm interested in cats (but I'm not an animal behaviorist or a veterinarian).

Speaking of my honors thesis (which is about cats, to be clear), I have three presentations coming up that I'll post about soon. To say I've been busy applying to grad school, applying and interviewing for programs in Japan, doing fieldwork at an animal shelter, and writing my thesis, is a bit of an understatement. I also try to find time to do the readings for my classes and give attention to my ever-demanding feline who shares my bed with me. Oh, and do laundry. Sometimes.